Tax Penalty Reduced…..Kudos or Criticism?

OK, we have reduced the tax penalty to 10 cents on the dollar. Should we be celebrating and giving praise to our administration for orchestrating a big reduction? Maybe, 10% is better than 100%.

But why are we in this mess in the first place? Why should we be celebrating paying a fine and interest.
What and who created the problem. The board was informed of the potential liability. They were advised that the carryover of funds would create a problem. They ignored an expert who detailed in a letter how these funds should be handled. They were told to return the excess funds to avoid this tax penalty. They wrote to the expert, who was a resident, and told him he was wrong. THEY WERE WRONG and we received a penalty. So, why are we so thrilled that these folks now negotiated a smaller penalty?

Shame, shame. We should heed the warning signs so we are not liable for tax penalties.

Who were the experts that we hired that agreed with the position that our board took. Were they paid to give us expert advice. If they were, they should return all their bills and fees for giving us bad advice.

As long as we are discussing experts and how much we pay for this good advice, why are we not utilizing more of the expertise that we have within our resident community.

We need a new slate for our board of directors for SCA.

Water Heaters…Helping them to last longer

Recently it was suggested that we should check the anode rod on our water heaters.

As luck would have it, a friend was having his water heater serviced.  I used this as an opportunity to learn more.  I asked the repair man if he checked the anode rod.  He said no, that this water heater was old and would not last very long.  I did probe as to why he did not want to check the rod and he gave me the run around that it was not necessary on older water heaters because they would have to be replaced soon anyways. His answer did not seem logical so I asked a friend who is very informed.  My friend said that he disagreed with the repairman and that the sacrificial anode rod extends the life of a water heater.  We then checked mine and determined that it was OK for now but in a year we should again look and most likely replace it. 

The following link provides a profession information about anode rods.,,20047047,00.html

Check it out so you are BETTER INFORMED!





Spend It … Because We Reserved It

Are you as tired of this statement “We’re Spending it because we reserved it” as I am?
Wouldn’t it make more sense to say, We reserved it, because we thought we’d need it, but since it still works, we’re not going to spend it?
…instead of….
Who cares if it still works; we still better spend it, because that would mean we either have to give it back…or…pay income tax on it.”
Let’s face facts…if the dough is not there, you can’t spend it. 
Here’s a novel approach.
How about giving them less dough to spend now, and get more if and when we need it?  That way they’d have to tell all of us what they’re spending it on…and actually allowing us to decide if we want it spent.
We’re potentially putting two increases in property taxes on our ballot next week and we’re asking for approval before anything happens.
How would you feel if that decision was made by only 4 of 7 people?  
Or let’s put this in prospective.
Your house is getting older; the refrigerator is now aging…but it still works.
Just how many of you out there would say….”Well, it might not work tomorrow, so let’s go out an replace it today because we set up a fund a few years ago believing it would break now.”
I’ll tell you who would….people who look at a bank account they believe can easily be filled by the flick of a vote of only 4 of 7 people, instead of saying:
” We have too much, so let’s give it back instead, and charge when you need it.”
I want to know WHO would do this?
1. Drop $500,000 on an air conditioning system if the one you had, already worked?
2. Drop $500,000 in renovations, pay all repairs for a tenant, provide him all the equipment he needs to operate a business, pay additional property taxes for him to operate, give him free advertising, and buy $3,000 worth of dinners for “selected” individuals, yet send you the bill?
And…if he still can’t cut it, departs in the darkness one day…because you never received a financial guarantee ?  
It’s obvious that we have seven “rockets scientists” who would, and I also know someone who calls himself a journalist who brags about having been right 100% of the time in electing all of them. 
Gotta keep that record intact, don’t we ?
I wonder who the next “chosen” ones will be to continue this “successful” tradition?
Time has proven this recruiting technique has determined their “electability” and perhaps the best reason “never to look back.”

Our Objective

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