Water Heaters…Helping them to last longer

Recently it was suggested that we should check the anode rod on our water heaters.

As luck would have it, a friend was having his water heater serviced.  I used this as an opportunity to learn more.  I asked the repair man if he checked the anode rod.  He said no, that this water heater was old and would not last very long.  I did probe as to why he did not want to check the rod and he gave me the run around that it was not necessary on older water heaters because they would have to be replaced soon anyways. His answer did not seem logical so I asked a friend who is very informed.  My friend said that he disagreed with the repairman and that the sacrificial anode rod extends the life of a water heater.  We then checked mine and determined that it was OK for now but in a year we should again look and most likely replace it. 

The following link provides a profession information about anode rods. 


Check it out so you are BETTER INFORMED!





3 thoughts on “Water Heaters…Helping them to last longer

  1. buddygr Post author

    It is very simple to check the anode rod if you have the right tools which most residents do not have. It is simple to have a handyman or service technician check the rod when annual maintenance is being done. Better to invest a little to save lots.


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